Monday, December 17, 2007

Book Review: Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper

Author Bill Cooper was killed some years ago during a shootout with police officers. The incident occurred after a high-speed pursuit while the heavily armed Cooper was in the process of helping a friend kidnapped his son from the court appointed guardian, his divorced wife and the child’s mother. He is gone, the militia movement he had founded has ceased… all that is left is Behold A Pale Horse.

Cooper’s Magnum opus (500 pages of paranoia and hate) is considered by UFO/Conspiracy theorists to be off the wall and totally bat shit! One of the theories Cooper purports is that JFK was assassinated because he had planned to tell the American people about the existents of Grey Aliens! Another one of his gems: the secret government created UFO and aliens to create a space religion to control the masses.

This book toboggans at the speed of light down the slippery slope of cracked-pot accretions about the AIDs virus, the New World Order plot, secret alien technology, and any other sinister plotting that would turn up in a rerun of The X-Files. 100% discredited in its assumptions but Behold A Pale Horse is never boring – especially when read as a document from an unbalanced individual. Once this book was only available through conspiracy mail order bookstores, now you can buy it on

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rita said...

I feel that although we don't want to believe what has been written in this book, we really don't what the truth might be. Do you really think a man would put his behind on the line knowing if the government wanted too they could do something about it. The question to me is is it better to know or not know? I just can't see someone sticking there neck out there like that. I think even though it might be coincidental, I think it looks worse knowing now he got shot up by the cops because to some people, they might read into it and think that, that could've been a set up and that's how they silenced him or he could've really been a good writer that wanted make people think. Either way you have to definitely read it yourself in order to form an opinion. I wouldn't listen to anyone because if you read the book it s first hand information if not it is hear say. You have to form your own opinion. I myself would rather not know, if there are events that have occurred that are kept a secret it's for a reason so I would rather not know. Thank You.