Friday, December 14, 2007

Book Review: Black Helicopters II: The End Game Strategy

Black armored insectiods descend in swarms … Some are fitted with antennae and metal eyes for surveillance, while others bristle with weaponry, ready to transform an American neighborhood into a surrogate hell in a second. Around the country these dark marauders swarm the sky, ordinary citizens wonder if they are the harbingers of the end.

Is this the opening scene of a sci-fi flick? No. The insectoids are not giant alien bugs, but black helicopters. Is this a depiction of a possible future? No, they are here now!

Or so claims author Jim Keith in BLACK HELICOPTERS II: THE END GAME STRATEGY, a book that purports to reveal every frightening details of a vast government conspiracy. You may have read his first book on the phenomena, BLACK HELICOPTERS OVER AMERICA, but then he was not able to tell his whole story --- a story that will keep you up at night, perhaps, peering into the horizon.

It is Mr. Keith’s assertion that black helicopters are linked to everything from cattle mutilations to alien abductions and the Men In Black; and poses the questions that will be having all patriotic American reaching for their firearm, but wondering who to aim it at:

Just how are these helicopters involved in these strange occurrences?
Why are they photographing the home of ordinary citizens?
What is there relationship to the New World Order?
Are foreign troops already masses on our boards?
And is the media’s role in covering up this conspiracy?

Whether you believe in this conspiracy or not, this book is intelligently written and an interesting look at a more informed/paranoid segment of our society.

Reviewed by Cris Kollet

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